Anguilla companies

Anguilla, an offshore jurisdiction in the Caribbean, is a secure and reliable offshore jurisdiction that offers establishment of offshore companies as well as opening of corporate bank accounts.
The following corporate structures are available for registering a company in Anguilla:
1. IBC (International Business Company)
2. Ordinary Company
3. Limited Liability company
Anguilla offshore company formation offers many benefits including no capital gains tax, corporate tax, property tax, inheritance tax, individual income tax and other direct taxes. There are also no foreign trade or exchange restrictions.
Furthermore registering a company in Anguilla provides the following benefits:
• No reporting requirements
• Modern business infrastructure
• Confidentiality
• Ability to use nominee services
• Legal system is common law based on English law.

FastCo provides you with specialized tailored solutions.  Our team is comprised of professionals who are fully qualified in their field of expertise.

We are a trusted provider of corporate services including:

  1. Company registration
  2. Provision of fiduciary services
  3. Opening of corporate bank accounts
  4. Management and administration of companies
  5. Audit
  6. Tax planning
  7. Accounting

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