Cyprus for Egyptian High Net Worth Individuals

Due to the close geographical proximity and the plethora of advantages which Cyprus has as a business center, Cyprus is the country of choice for Egyptians wishing to invest and/or relocate. Many have already taken advantage of the attractive legislation in Cyprus and have relocated. We offer a one stop shop for all relocation needs.

Among the many advantages that Cyprus offers for Egyptians wishing to relocate are:

Programs available for obtaining work and residence permits 

Citizenship (including Cyprus passport) available for foreign individuals under certain requirements 

Well established business infrastructure including excellent legal system and high quality services sector including accountants, lawyers and tax advisors 

Full membership of the EU 

Easy procedures for setting up companies 

Easy procedures for acquiring residential/commercial property 

Cheaper real estate options compared to other EU countries 

Daily direct flights to Cairo from Larnaka 

A secure environment with a high standard of living and excellent education system

We can assist in the following ways:

Provided certain conditions are met, assist in applying for residency and obtaining Cyprus Citizenship (including passport)

Assist in recruiting staff and handling all work permit and payroll issues

Assist in all stages in locating both commercial and residential properties

Provide accounting, tax, legal and VAT services

Registering a company in Cyprus and dealing with all company administration and compliance issues

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