Fiduciary Services from FastCo Register

It is not enough simply to register a company in Cyprus and expect that it will be able to benefit from the advantageous low tax system and other benefits.  It is also necessary to prove that your Cyprus Company has substance in order to benefit from the low Cyprus tax system.  In order to show that the company has substance, it must be managed and controlled in Cyprus.  This can be done by having the majority of the board of directors resident in Cyprus. FastCo Register can consult and advise you with regards to your fiduciary requirements.

What our fiduciary services include:

We undertake to act on behalf of our clients, subject to our initial due diligence review, as trustees or nominees in various capacities. Such capacities include providing nominee shareholders in International Business Companies, directors in International Business Companies, bank account signatories, provision of registered office address and trustees in International Trusts

All our nominee directors are individuals of trust and come from banking, legal and accounting backgrounds.

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