Malta Company Registration

A Maltese company offers various benefits to non-residents wishing to incorporate in Malta

Company registration – In order to register a company in Malta, the necessary documentation must be submitted to the Registry of Companies. This includes the Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A), the identification document of the subscribers and proof that initial share capital has been paid up. The M&A must be signed by the subscribers or their lawyers thus giving the benefit of setting up a company without actually having to visit Malta.

Provided all the necessary Know Your Client documentation is provided, the company can be registered within 24 hours.

Low incorporation and maintenance costs – The minimum share capital for private companies is €1,165, 20% of which should be paid up. For public companies it is €46.590 of which 25 % should be paid up.

There is a low registration fee payable to the Registry of Companies and this depends on the amount of authorised share capital, ranging between €350 and €1.750.

The annual company fee payable to the Registry of Companies ranges from €165 to €979 according to the share capital of the company.

The company must have at least one director and one company secretary. The director can be an individual or an entity but the secretary must be an individual. The sole director cannot also have the position of secretary unless it is a single member company.

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