RAK Offshore Company Formation

Registering an offshore  company (RAK Offshore company) in the UAE  has the following benefits.

– Full tax exemption

– Directors and shareholders can be of any nationality

– Ability to carry out business outside of the UAE

– Bank account opening in the UAE

– There is no requirement to perform an annual audit

– No exchange controls

– Full confidentiality

– Excellent infrastructure

Main documents required for RAK offshore Company Formation for individuals:

– Passport copy of shareholder and director

– Bank reference letter

– Proof of residence

Fastco can assist you in incorporating a RAK offshore company as well as opening of a bank account in the UAE.

FastCo provides you with specialized tailored solutions.  Our team is comprised of professionals who are fully qualified in their field of expertise. We are a trusted provider of corporate services including:

1.Provision of fiduciary services

2.Opening of corporate bank accounts

3.Management and administration of companies


5.Tax planning


7.Company registration


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