Register your company today! – FastCo Register

Registering your company is an easy procedure.  You can choose either  a shelf company which are ready to use from day one or a tailor made company.  With a shelf company we can open a bank account, provide nominee services and have the company ready for you within 24 hours.  This is the quickest option available to register a company in Cyprus as the name of the company is already approved and the company is registered.  You can of course change the company name via an application to the Registrar of Companies for a small fee, and provided it is approved you can have the name you want for your company.  With a  tailor made company you choose the name and we send it for approval.  Directors, secretary and shareholders can be provided through our nominee services.  Following the Registrar’s approval and submission of all the relevant documents, the company can be ready to use in approximately 2 weeks time. This period can be shortened to 4 days with the payment of a small fee.

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