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FastCo Register offers a one stop shop from company registration in the jurisdiction of your choice to providing day to day management services to help your business run smoothly.  We have a dedicated team of professionals including lawyers, accountants and administrators who will assist you in all areas.  With a high proportion of qualified staff, you can benefit from the vast pool of knowledge that we have.

With a presence spanning over 10 years, we are a trusted provider of the following Corporate Services which includes:

  1. Company Registration
  2. Provision of Fiduciary Services
  3. Opening of Corporate Bank Accounts
  4. Management and Administration of Companies
  5. Tax Planning
  6. Accounting

FastCo adheres to strict professional standards and conduct where client service and confidentiality are the cornerstones of our business. Quality of work is of paramount importance and there is no compromise on our quality standards or our risk management procedures. Our aim is to provide independent, valuable advice and add value to the client’s operation. Confidentiality, commitment and quality are the central values of our culture.

By choosing FastCo you choose quality, integrity and values and you can be confident that all your tax, legal and administration matters are being taken care of by individuals with expertise.

  • Confidentiality – all client matters are treated with the strictest confidentiality at all times
  • Client acceptance – we assess all potential clients and strictly follow our Know Your Client procedures
  • Engagement risk – assessing the risk of each particular engagement and taking the necessary measures to deal with this risk
  • Terms of engagement – An engagement letter which details responsibilities of both parties is signed prior to commencement of any work

The best way to get to know us is to try us, so please contact us with your query and we will respond within one working day.

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