Seychelles Companies

There are many benefits of incorporating a company in Seychelles and opening a bank account in Seychelles.  Below are some of the advanteges:

Seychelles International Business Companies are not subject to any form of tax on income or profits on business carried out outside of Seychelles

There are no exchange controls

A Seychelles bank account can be opened if you incorporate a company in Seychelles

Confidentiality is ensured as records of directors/shareholders are not public

No requirement to file annual returns or financial statements

There is no restriction on place of meetings of directors

Seychelles being an independent country  does not have to report information to any other country

The company can have only one shareholder and one director

The IBC must have a registered office is Seychelles and a Registered Agent who is a resident of Seychelles.


FastCo provides you with specialized tailored solutions. Our team is comprised of professionals who are fully qualified in their field of expertise. We are a trusted provider of corporate services including:

1. Provision of fiduciary services

2. Opening of corporate bank accounts

3. Management and administration of companies

4. Audit

5. Tax planning

6. Accounting

7. Company registration


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