Cyprus Shipping services

Shipping Services in Cyprus

Cyprus is a major ship management center and its flag holds an envious reputation worldwide. Moreover, the Register is growing, with shipping entrepreneurs attracted to the host of benefits offered by registration under the Cyprus flag and the active promotion of ship management interests by regulatory authorities.

FastCo provides advice on a wide range of shipping services in the shipping industry and the particulars of Cyprus and International maritime law. Our advice and assistance is sought on all types of maritime matters, including:

formation and maintenance of shipping companies

choice of flag and registration

aviation matters including aircraft registration and finance

transshipment and towage agreements

claims for loss or damage to cargo

all related company law and tax matters

freight and off-hire disputes

general average


salvage claims


disputes under shipbuilding and repairing contracts

financing, security and the enforcement of mortgages

problems relating to the employment of officers and crew

personal injury claims
Alongside services such as ship registration in Cyprus, clients may seek representation from us in matters of admiralty practice, litigation and arbitration proceedings (as mentioned above). Our team deals with admiralty cases and are experienced in finding efficient and effective answers to even the more compound legal trials involving cargo claims, maritime insurance claims, crew claims, charter party claims, salvage claims and the arrest of ships.

FastCo Register provides you with specialized tailored solutions.  Our team is comprised of professionals who are fully qualified in their field of expertise.

We are a trusted provider of corporate services including:

  1. Company registration
  2. Provision of fiduciary services
  3. Opening of corporate bank accounts
  4. Management and administration of companies
  5. Audit
  6. Tax planning
  7. Accounting


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