Tax exempt non-Cyprus domiciled individuals

As of 16 July 2015, any person who is a NON-Cyprus tax resident and becomes a tax resident in Cyprus in 2015 and onwards, he/she is considered as a Non-Cyprus domiciled individual and he/she is eligible to the following exemptions according to the amendments to the Cyprus Personal Tax Law. These exemptions apply for the first 17 years he/she is considered as a Cyprus Tax Resident.

  1. Any dividend income from a Cyprus company or foreign company will be exempt from 17% special defence contribution tax
  2. Any “passive” interest income earned will be exempt from 30% special defence contribution tax
  3. Any rental income (from premises situated in Cyprus or abroad) will be exempt from 3% (on the 75% of the rental income) special defence contribution tax *
  4. We have a team of expert tax advisors and lawyers to provide you specific advice in relation to the non-domiciled tax residents in Cyprus.

*For rental income, whether Cyprus or foreign sourced, Cyprus tax resident individuals who have non-dom status are now only subject to income tax on rental income.

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